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Phoneblitz.com Terms and Conditions

Phoneblitz.com is in no way linked to any Wireless Carrier or Manufacturer listed or referred to on this website.

The services provided on this website are intended and limited for use by the owner of the cellular device upon which our service is used. Unlocking phones is completely legal in most countries in the world - however, it is a customer's responsibility to check that unlocking is legal in their country.

Changing the IMEI of a Cellular Phone is illegal in many countries. Our service in no way allows users to do this. Please do not contact us regarding these services, as any attempts to do so will be ignored.

It is the responsibility of the customer to check that their phone is compatible with their new network. No refunds will be made to customers who have unlocked their phone, and are unable to use it on their desired network because of incorrect frequency or technology.

Software Terms

Almost all of our products include a "Try Before You Buy" feature. These allow users to test and check our software and it's compatibility with their phone. Additionally, the software includes a "Check Unlock Possibility" function, which will make sure that your phone's firmware is compatible with our unlocking software. We highly advise that customers use this feature before purchasing.

By purchasing, downloading, or using a Phoneblitz product the purchaser agrees that Phoneblitz cannot be held liable for any damage caused to user's phones or computers by any software distributed by this website. The software has been tested extensively and due to the numerous safety features in place any problems are extremely unlikely.

Phoneblitz will issue a complete refund for any purchase if it is not for the customer to successfully unlock their phone. Phoneblitz guarantees that you will unlock your phone with our software - if you can't do it, we will give you a complete refund. Phoneblitz reserves the right to withhold a refund if an unlock has been purchased for an unsupported phone, or if the customer does not have the necessary equipment (eg a USB cable).

IMEI terms

Phoneblitz fully guarantees that if we cannot provide an unlock code based on IMEI number then we will fully refund all purchases. Once an IMEI number has been provided no refund is possible, as it is impossible for phoneblitz.com to verify non-use. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that they have a compatible SIM card to unlock their phone with.

Please note that refunds will not be given if a phone is unlocked successfully. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure their desired network is compatible.

By using and/or purchasing any of our software/services, you agree to abide by the above Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions.