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Recent phoneblitz.com unlocking news

20th November 2007

The MotoBlaze software can now unlock the Motorola V3x, a phone not covered by our IMEI unlocking service. Check out the RAZR V3x unlock page for further details.

5th April 2007

MotoBlaze software update - Version 1.46 is now available. New features include updated support for new models, and a greater list of supported firmwares. Check out our compatibility check to see if your Moto can be unlocked.

30 January 2007

IMEI unlocking now available. We can now unlock all Motorola phones via IMEI number - all you need to do is enter the code we supply directly into the handset and your phone is unlocked. All IMEI codes are available within 12-24 hours of purchase.

2 January 2007

New models released on our software - the Slvr L7 and L7v, the Razr V3i and V3r, and the V360 and V360v are now all supported by our software. Run our compatibility check and see for yourself!

30 December 2006

There has been a slight delay in the release of our models. We now hope to have the newer models released in stages starting with the slvr L7 and the v360 over the next few days and the rest of the models over the next 2 weeks. Many apologies to our waiting customers for the wait.

17 December 2006

COMING SOON! A major update to our unlock software.

22 December - V235, V360, V360v, V3i, V3r, SLVR L7, and L7v supported.
26 December -
V557, E399, ROKR E1, PEBL U6, L2, L6, and L6i supported.

Fill in the form on our contact page to be alerted as soon as it's available!

29 November 2006

We now hope to be able to unlock all Motorola phones within the next 1-2 months. Unlock support for the RAZR V3i, V3x, V3c, V3r, V3m, V3xx, Maxx, RIZR, KRZR K1, PEBL U6, L2, L6, SLVR L7, W220, Q and MPX series is expected to be available soon. Check back, or fill in our new model request to be notified of availability.

23rd September 2006

New site launched! We have launched the latest update  to our site, hopefully making our service clearer and easier to navigate. 

20th August 2006

Phoneblitz.com is pleased to announce that we now accept direct payment in US dollars, Euros, and UK Sterling.
We also accept Canadian Dollars, Yen and Australian Dollars via PayPal's currency exchange. PayPal accepts payments in all these currencies, as well as payments from credit and debit cards. You do not need a PayPal account to buy!

20th June 2006

New support forum added! We have expanded our post-purchase customer service to include a support forum. Check it out at www.phoneblitz.com/forum. Existing customer? Leave your feedback to let others know how great our service is.

15th April 2006

Unfortunately, Motorola ROKR PEBL L2 L6 L7 W220 and Q models are currently unavailable for unlocking. Our programmers are working hard at making them available as soon as possible and we expect to offer them to you within the very near future. We will be the first website to offer an unlocking solution when it is available, so check back regularly to find out.

10th March 2006

Our designers are currently working to bring you versions of the site in French, German, and Italian. These will be ready within the next few months; until then, technical support from our sales team is available in both French and German. Please contact us for help.