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Motorola IMEI unlocking is not currently available

IMEI unlocking is not currently available. Please select your model from the left bar for software unlocking.

Supported Models

Our Motorola IMEI unlocking service supports all Motorola GSM phones except:

  • Phones locked to Cingular/AT&T
  • Phones locked to 3 (UK only)
  • Models V3x, A1000, A1200, E1000
  • iDEN or CDMA Motorola phones

All other phones and networks are supported. This includes even the newest Motorola models like the W220, RAZR V3i, V3xx, KRZR K1, RIZR Z3, SLVR L2, L6, and L7, as well as older models such as the RAZR V3, ROKR E1, and PEBL U6.

Please note that CDMA and iDEN phones (from networks in the US such as Verizon, Sprint PCS and Nextel) are not supported by any of our unlocking services.

Any questions?

If you have any questions on our unlock procedure, please contact our sales team.