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What is Motorola unlocking?

Many new Motorola phones purchased from cellular networks are 'locked' to that network. Phones that have this 'lock' will not accept SIM cards from other networks. Our software allows you to 'unlock' your Motorola, removing this block and allowing you to use any sort of SIM card. This unlock allows you to take advantage of networks with better price plans, and save money when using your Motorola abroad. It also raises the resale value of your Motorola phone should you wish to sell it. Best of all, our unlock software allows you to do the unlocking yourself, at home, immediately, and without needing to send your phone away.

Please visit our FAQ about Motorola Unlocking if you have further questions about our unlock service, or contact our sales staff via our contact page.

Why should you choose phoneblitz?

As a dedicated Motorola unlock provider, our expertise is second to none. We have a team of programmers who constantly update our list of supported models. Our software is 100% safe, and unlike other unlocking software it will not damage your phones firmware.

All payments made to us are made securely through PayPal. We are also a Verified PayPal Seller. All our transactions are not only processed but monitored by the Internet's largest payment service.