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Apple iPhone Unlocking - coming soon!iphone unlock code

How it works:

The Apple iPhone has been announced for release in June 2007 in teh US on the AT&T (formally Cingular) network. In Cingular the iPhone is scheduled for release on the Rogers network, and in Europe possibly on the Vodafone network, or sold unlocked through Apple stores.

As the iPhone has not yet been released, there is very little information on how the iPhone will be locked. As soon as an iPhone unlock code becomes available, then we will have it on our site. If you have any questions on the iPhone unlock, then please contact us.

Note that an iPhone unlock will only be able to unlock it to networks that use the same technology (i.e. a Cingular iPhone will only work on GSM networks like T-mobile, and not on CDMA networks like Verizon or Sprint). 

Apple iPhone Specifications

  • Innovative Apple multi-touch display
  • Web browser
  • iPod music player
  • 4GB or 8GB hard disk
  • 2 mega-pixel camera
  • Widescreen video playback